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This machine is applied to fill liquid and semiliquid(viscouse liquid, ointment) products into various containers. This machine equipped two filling nozzles, so the filling speed is higher than single head Liquid filling machine. This pure pneumatic machine is especially suitable for the explosion-resistant and humid Production environment. This machine is widely used in pharmacy, foodstuff, chemical, cosmetic industries and other special industries.
Features: l All the components that come in contact with product are made of 316L stainless steel Which is sourced from Sweden and processed by CNC machines to ensure a surface Roughness lower than 0.8,no pollution,easy cleaning,meet the GMP standard. l This machine is controlled by compressed air, so it is suitable for using at explosion- Resistant and humid environment. l Because of the pneumatic controls and mechanical positioning, this machine has high filling accuracy which is within 0.5%. l Two filling modes for you to choose- “ Manual’’ and “ Auto’’. l The filling volume and speed are adjusted using screws and the counter, which provides ease of adjustment and allows the operator to read the real-time filling volume on the counter. l The filling nozzle adopts anti-leakage, no pollution, save time and materials. l The piston and throttle valves units are connected by hook-and-loop fasteners, it takes only 1 minute to assemble and disassemble the unit without any tool, and cleaning is very easy. l When you need to stop the machine in an emergency, press the URGENT button. The piston will go back to its initial location and the filling will be stopped immediately. l We’ve developed two series of HSFA machine.TOP series(T series) and POP series (P series) to meet the demand of different customers. T series: The pneumatic components are from FESTO,Germany. P series: The pneumatic components are from Taiwan or Korea. l This machine can be appended other special device according to customers request. Such as: acicular filling Nozzles, feed hopper, ball valve system, lifting device etc. l The proportion of equipment malfunction is extremely small.easy to clean,tool free.   
Technical Parameters:             
Filling speed 1200-1800 bottle/min
Filling accuracy Within 0.5%
Air pressure 8 kg/cm2
Model Filling range air consumption Weight Overall size
HSFD-60 5-60 ml 23 L/min 11 kg 92×28×40 cm
HSFD-120 10-120 ml 30 L/min 22 kg 92×28×40 cm
HSFD-250 25-250 ml 44 L/min 25 kg 102×30×40 cm
HSFD-500 50-500 ml 87 L/min 28 kg 108×32×41 cm
HSFD-1000 100-1000 ml 160 L/min 36 kg 128×36×41 cm
HSFD-2500 250-2500 ml 300 L/min 60 kg 130×60×51 cm
HSFD-5000 500-5000 ml 450 L/min 75 kg 130×60×51 cm
  Note: the air consumption are based on the filling speed of 10 pc/min. Multiply two, when      The speed is doubled, and so on.

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